WP Hook for single.php after content?

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If you want to append single post content.
in this tutorial i show you “how to append single page content with programally“.
So I show you in this example that when we need to enhance any post on single page content with code then wordpress provide a filter we used it.

function wpaccuracy_add_to_content( $content ) {    
    if( is_single() ) {
        $content .= 'Your new content here';
    return $content;
add_filter( 'the_content', 'wpaccuracy_add_to_content' );

“Your new content here” you can call Any Content from mate box .if you want to show a simple content same notes on every your blog post then use this code in function file of your theme.
I have use it many projects and my plugin. It is very help full for me.
you can use it easily.
If you have any question feel free to asked me on given comment section Or
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