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WordPress is an open-source system. And the Other Word we can say It is a Content management system we can simply write (CMS), which user can change with custome need of his blog as you need to
create a dynamic website. WordPress is the most, large and popular blogging content management system on the online system it can provide updates and edit and customize the website from its
back-end. If you want to learn the WordPress site development this article series is very helping full to you in this wp development series you can learn the website development method in an easy way.
this tutorial has a detail of website development with the help of front and back-end screen shorts.


This tutorial is very helping full for those who have a knowledge of HTML and CSS and jQuery and PHP server side language.


I am suggesting you if you are starting from this tutorial I am assuming that you know already the basics about HTMK, CSS. If you do not have the knowledge about the HTML and CSS you learn first

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