WordPress Media Library

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WordPress Media Library is a built-in feature of the WordPress content management system that allows users to easily upload, manage, and organize media files such as images, videos, audio files, and documents. The Media Library can be accessed by clicking on the “Media” option in the WordPress dashboard menu.

Once in the Media Library, users can view all the media files that have been uploaded to their WordPress site, and search, filter, and sort them based on various criteria such as file type, date uploaded, and keywords. Users can also edit the metadata associated with each media file, including the title, caption, alt text, and description.

To add new media files to the Media Library, users can either upload them directly from their computer or import them from a URL. WordPress also provides various options for optimizing and resizing images to improve website performance and page load times.

Overall, the WordPress Media Library is a powerful tool that makes it easy for website owners and administrators to manage their media assets and create engaging content for their audiences.

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