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WordPress Discussion Settings are options that allow you to control how comments and discussions are handled on your WordPress site. These settings can be found in the WordPress dashboard under Settings > Discussion.

Here are some of the key discussion settings you can configure:

  1. Default article settings: Here, you can choose whether or not to allow comments on new articles, whether to show the author’s name and email address, and whether to notify the author of new comments.
  2. Other comment settings: Here, you can choose whether or not to require users to fill out their name and email address to leave a comment, whether to allow links in comments, and whether to hold comments in a moderation queue before they are published.
  3. Email notifications: Here, you can choose whether or not to receive email notifications for various events related to comments, such as when a new comment is posted or when a comment is held for moderation.
  4. Comment moderation: Here, you can configure settings related to comment moderation, such as the number of links a comment must contain before it is held for moderation and whether comments from certain users or containing certain keywords are automatically held for moderation.
  5. Avatars: Here, you can choose whether or not to display avatars (profile pictures) next to comments.
  6. Comment blacklist: Here, you can specify certain words or phrases that, if included in a comment, will cause it to be automatically marked as spam and not displayed on your site.

By configuring these settings, you can help to manage and control the discussions that take place on your WordPress site.

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