PHP Form Introduction

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In PHP, forms are commonly used to gather input from users and send that data to a server for processing. Forms allow users to enter data such as text, numbers, and files, and submit that data to the server for further processing. PHP provides a number of functions and techniques for working with forms.

The most basic type of form in PHP is the HTML form, which is created using the <form> tag in HTML. The form tag specifies the action that should be taken when the form is submitted, as well as the method that should be used to submit the data. The most common methods are “GET” and “POST”.

When a user submits a form, the form data is sent to the server in the format specified by the method. If the method is “GET”, the form data is sent as part of the URL. If the method is “POST”, the form data is sent as part of the HTTP request body.

In PHP, you can access the form data using the $_GET and $_POST superglobal variables, depending on the method used to submit the form. These variables contain an associative array of key-value pairs, where the keys are the names of the form fields and the values are the user-entered data.

You can also use PHP to validate the form data and perform additional processing, such as sending emails or storing data in a database. There are a number of PHP libraries and frameworks that can help simplify the process of working with forms and form data.

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