PHP For PERL Developers

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If you’re already familiar with Perl, learning PHP should not be too difficult, as both languages have many similarities. Here are a few key differences and similarities to keep in mind:

  1. Syntax: While both languages are C-style, PHP uses curly braces {} to enclose code blocks instead of Perl’s brackets []. Also, PHP uses a semicolon to terminate statements, while Perl uses a newline.
  2. Variables: PHP uses the $ symbol to denote variables, whereas Perl uses a dollar sign ($) as well as a sigil to indicate the variable type.
  3. Arrays: PHP arrays are similar to Perl’s, but PHP also has associative arrays, which are similar to Perl hashes.
  4. Regular expressions: Both languages support regular expressions, but their syntax is slightly different.
  5. Object-oriented programming: PHP and Perl both support object-oriented programming, but PHP’s syntax for defining and using objects is more similar to C++ or Java than Perl’s.
  6. Web development: PHP was designed specifically for web development and has many built-in functions and libraries for working with web content, such as HTML, CSS, and databases. Perl can also be used for web development, but it doesn’t have the same level of integration with web technologies as PHP.

Overall, if you are already comfortable with Perl, learning PHP should be a relatively easy process. Many of the core concepts and programming paradigms are similar, and you can take advantage of your existing knowledge to speed up the learning process.

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