Mastering Element Height Watching in VueJS Tips and Tricks

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Element height watching in VueJS can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as dynamically updating the layout of a page or adjusting the size of an element based on its content. In order to master element height watching in VueJS, there are several key steps that you can follow:

  1. Use a ref to access the element: In order to watch the height of an element, you first need to be able to access it from within your Vue component. One way to do this is by using a ref. You can add a ref to the element by adding the ref attribute to the element and assigning it a name, like so:
<div ref="myElement">...</div>

Create a data property to store the height: Once you have a reference to the element, you can create a data property to store its height. This property will be updated whenever the height of the element changes. You can initialize the property to null, since the height of the element may not be known initially:

data() {
  return {
    elementHeight: null

Use a watcher to update the height: Vue provides a watch option that you can use to watch for changes to a property. You can use a watcher to watch for changes to the offsetHeight property of the element, which reflects its height. Whenever the height changes, you can update the elementHeight property:

watch: {
  '$refs.myElement.offsetHeight'(newVal) {
    this.elementHeight = newVal

Use the updated height in your template: Once you have the updated elementHeight property, you can use it in your template to adjust the layout of your component. For example, you could use a computed property to set the height of another element based on the height of the watched element:

computed: {
  otherElementHeight() {
    return this.elementHeight ? this.elementHeight * 2 : null

By following these steps, you can effectively watch the height of an element in VueJS and use that information to dynamically adjust your component’s layout.

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