JQuery  Get and Set CSS Classes

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In jQuery, you can use the addClass(), removeClass(), and toggleClass() methods to modify CSS classes of HTML elements. Here are some examples of how to get and set CSS classes using jQuery:

  1. Adding a class to an element:

2.Removing a class from an element:


3.Toggling a class on an element:


4.Checking if an element has a certain class:

if ($('#myElement').hasClass('myClass')) {
  // do something

5.Setting multiple classes on an element:

$('#myElement').attr('class', 'class1 class2 class3');
  1. Getting the value of the class attribute of an element:

var classes = $('#myElement').attr('class');

Note that in examples 5 and 6, we are using the .attr() method instead of the .addClass() or .removeClass() methods. This is because the .attr() method allows us to set or get any attribute of an HTML element, not just its class.

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