JavaScript Overview

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JavaScript is a popular programming language used to create dynamic web pages and web applications. It was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape in 1995 and is now one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world.

JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted language, meaning that it can be run directly in a web browser without being compiled into machine code first. This makes it a very flexible and accessible language for web developers.

Some of the key features of JavaScript include:

  • Object-oriented programming: JavaScript supports object-oriented programming principles, which allows developers to create complex and modular applications.
  • Functional programming: JavaScript also supports functional programming principles, which allows developers to write code that is more concise and easier to understand.
  • Asynchronous programming: JavaScript supports asynchronous programming, which allows for more efficient and responsive web applications.
  • DOM manipulation: JavaScript can be used to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) of a web page, which allows for dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

JavaScript is widely used for front-end web development, but it can also be used for back-end development with frameworks like Node.js. Additionally, JavaScript is often used in conjunction with other web technologies like HTML and CSS to create modern, interactive web applications.

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