JavaScript Events

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JavaScript events are actions or occurrences that happen within a web page, such as a user clicking a button or a web page finishing loading. JavaScript events allow you to respond to these actions or occurrences and execute specific code or functions when they occur.

There are many types of events in JavaScript, including:

  1. Click events: Triggered when a user clicks on an element, such as a button or link.
  2. Mouse events: Triggered when the mouse interacts with an element, such as hovering over it or moving it.
  3. Keyboard events: Triggered when a user types on the keyboard, such as pressing a key or releasing a key.
  4. Form events: Triggered when a user interacts with a form, such as submitting or resetting it.
  5. Window events: Triggered when a web page loads or unloads, or when the window is resized or scrolled.

You can use JavaScript to listen for these events and respond to them with code, allowing you to create dynamic and interactive web pages. For example, you might use JavaScript to display a message when a user clicks a button, or to validate user input in a form.

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