HTML Forms

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HTML forms are a way for users to input data on a web page and send it to a server for processing. They typically include input fields, such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down menus, that allow users to enter or select data.

To create an HTML form, you need to use the <form> tag. The most important attributes of this tag are the action and method attributes. The action attribute specifies the URL to which the form data should be sent when the user submits the form, while the method attribute specifies the HTTP method to use for sending the form data (typically either GET or POST).

Inside the <form> tag, you can include various types of input fields using different tags, such as <input>, <select>, <textarea>, and <button>. Each of these tags has its own set of attributes that control its behavior and appearance.

When a user submits an HTML form, the data is sent to the server using an HTTP request. If the method attribute of the <form> tag is set to “GET”, the data is sent as part of the URL in the form of query parameters. If the method attribute is set to “POST”, the data is sent in the request body.

On the server side, you can use various programming languages, such as PHP, Python, or Ruby, to process the form data and generate a response. The exact process of processing the form data depends on the programming language and the server-side framework you are using.

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