How to get order cast by order id in woocommerce

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How you can get all Properties WooCommerce:

If you want to to get all Woocommerce order properties using function. In this article i will discourse all Properties of Woocommerce order details.
So Using given bellow function you can get all feature of oreder

$order = new WC_Order( $order_id );

Woocommerce Order Details:

If you want to get all order details like user name, user id, products price , order cast , order payment methods , Order currency order status and So

See the given below code :

// Get  WC_Order object
// you can get here only order id if donn't the order id use this 
$order = wc_get_order( $order_id );

$order_data = $order->get_data(); // The Order data

$order_id = $order_data['id']; //order id
$order_parent_id = $order_data['parent_id']; //order parent id
$order_status = $order_data['status']; //  get order status
$order_currency = $order_data['currency']; // order currency get here
$order_version = $order_data['version'];  //  get order version
$order_payment_method = $order_data['payment_method']; // get payment method 
$order_payment_method_title = $order_data['payment_method_title']; // order payment method title 
$order_payment_method = $order_data['payment_method'];
$order_payment_method = $order_data['payment_method'];

## Creation and modified WC_DateTime Object date string ##

// Using a formated date ( with php date() function as method)
$order_date_created = $order_data['date_created']->date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
$order_date_modified = $order_data['date_modified']->date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

// Using a timestamp ( with php getTimestamp() function as method)

$order_timestamp_modified = $order_data['date_modified']->getTimestamp();

$order_discount_total = $order_data['discount_total'];
$order_discount_tax = $order_data['discount_tax'];

$order_total = $order_data['total'];

$order_timestamp_created = $order_data['date_created']->getTimestamp();

$order_shipping_total = $order_data['shipping_total'];
$order_shipping_tax = $order_data['shipping_tax'];

$order_total_tax = $order_data['total_tax'];
$order_customer_id = $order_data['customer_id']; // ... and so on


$order_billing_company = $order_data['billing']['company'];

$order_billing_first_name = $order_data['billing']['first_name'];

$order_billing_email = $order_data['billing']['email'];
$order_billing_phone = $order_data['billing']['phone'];

$order_billing_last_name = $order_data['billing']['last_name'];

$order_billing_address_1 = $order_data['billing']['address_1'];


$order_shipping_first_name = $order_data['shipping']['first_name'];
$order_shipping_last_name = $order_data['shipping']['last_name']; //order shipping last name 

$order_billing_state = $order_data['billing']['state'];

$order_shipping_company = $order_data['shipping']['company'];

$order_billing_city = $order_data['billing']['city'];

$order_billing_postcode = $order_data['billing']['postcode'];

$order_shipping_address_1 = $order_data['shipping']['address_1'];

$order_shipping_state = $order_data['shipping']['state'];
$order_shipping_postcode = $order_data['shipping']['postcode'];

$order_shipping_address_2 = $order_data['shipping']['address_2'];

$order_billing_address_2 = $order_data['billing']['address_2'];

$order_billing_country = $order_data['billing']['country'];

$order_shipping_country = $order_data['shipping']['country']; // order shipping country 

$order_shipping_city = $order_data['shipping']['city'];

// and so one many things you can get woocommerce products

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