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Certainly! Here is an example of a simple function in Python that takes two numbers as arguments and returns their sum:

def add_numbers(num1, num2):
    sum = num1 + num2
    return sum

In this function, add_numbers, we define two parameters num1 and num2, which represent the two numbers we want to add together. Inside the function, we create a new variable called sum that is assigned the value of the sum of num1 and num2. Finally, we use the return keyword to return the value of sum back to the caller of the function.

To use this function, we simply call it and pass in the two numbers we want to add:

result = add_numbers(5, 7)
print(result)   # Output: 12

In this example, we call add_numbers and pass in the values 5 and 7 as arguments. The function then adds these two numbers together and returns the result, which is stored in the variable result. We then print out the value of result, which is 12.

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